Welcome to Vaughan Verse ... Where my poetry collections live.
You will find the poems I've penned and which make "A Life Of Rhyme" and "The 2015 Collection".

On a serious note....
If you think that my verse might be able to help with fundraising for causes close to your heart - please do get in touch via the Contact Form.  Whether it's a live performance of my comic verse;  or sharing my "Date in the Diary" poetry with a live audience (which showcases "The 2015 Collection"). I am always happy to help out a worthy cause... 

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Finally - the "legal bit"
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As for the poetry you'll find here...

"A Life of Rhyme"

Well.... If you've headed this way to read moving works of high literary value, which will inspire, motivate and amaze you... then I'm really sorry but you need to leave now.

If, on the other hand, you're here because you want a little light relief in your doubtless busy day; if you want to raise a wry smile at ordinary things happening in an ordinary life which might, for a least a short time, make you realise that you're not alone in the teeth-grinding, hair-tearing, exasperating, infuriating and down-right unavoidable minor trials and tribulations that find their way into each and every day... then stick around.   

I can't guarantee that every rhyme will have you laughing uncontrollably...
I can't promise a side-splitting interlude......but I can promise that each one of these verses have been created as a direct consequence of something that has happened to me, or my nearest and dearest which, at the time, seems like a calamity but which, with the benefit of hindsight, is nothing more than a "blip" on the screen of life.... something sent to try us, test us, trip us up,  thwart us .... but never defeat us.

"The 2015 Collection"

In 2015 I set myself a challenge - with the intention of writing a brand-new, hot-off-the-press poem every day for the whole of 2015.  Each poem had to take less than one hour from the first word being set down to an audio upload of the final form being available on Soundcloud.   It wasn't easy... poems were penned in hospital waiting rooms; motorway service stations and all points inbetween. Internet gremlins tried to scupper me... and I almost didn't manage it... but somehow the cosmos was kind ... and 365 poems were penned (all within the daily one-hour deadline)   The 2015 Collection is now complete and has its own Facebook page which you can find at: 


So many of you have been so kind with your support for The 2015 Collection and I'm hoping that, with A Life of Rhyme, it will form the basis for some great fundraising for very worthy causes.  I do hope you'll come along and share my daily musings.. (and press "like" and "share" and spread the word amongst all your friends and loved ones as well)......

If you like what you read then I'd love it if you could add a comment to the guestbook.  If you want to contact me personally whether it's to comment about a poem, or book a live show or personal commission - then just fill in the Contact page and hit "submit". I read everything that's sent to me and I really enjoy finding out what you think of what I do.

But enough of my rambling... you're here to check out this site and my verses so I'll let you get on with the pointing, clicking and reading....